Nana's Pacas has been very busy this fall. We had lots of visitors during the Annual National Alpaca Farm Days weekend of September 28 and 29. Thanks to all of our new friends for coming out to see our awesome alpacas.

We have had two groups from Alden Montessori School and a mom's group. Thanks for coming out to see us no matter what the weather.

Another exciting thing happened, our friend Ethan visited us on the Farm Days weekend. His teacher assigned his class to write a report about a place they had visited. Ethan decided that he wanted to write about visiting Nana's Pacas. His teacher was not sure that there was such a place. Ethan and his mom came back to the ranch and took some photos of him with the alpacas. We also loaned Ethan our petting alpaca pelt Puff, so that he could show his class that Nana's Pacas is indeed a real place that they can visit. Puff was away for a couple of weeks but he came back home safely having enjoyed his trip to school.

The next event happening at Nana's Pacas will be on Saturday November 30 2013. That day is to support your local small businesses. So Nana;s Pacas Farm store will be open for any warm Christmas gifts you may need. We will be open from 9am to 5pm, and would be happy to do some tours for those who want to see the alpacas up close.